I believe in the sacredness of our own wildness and wellness as these are the channels through which love flows, flowering through self and evaporating out into everything else.

When I think about it, everything I do really springs from just these two words, for they are the two words that make up a life filled with fuel to thrive, with beauty to flourish and the fragrance of compassion to radiate.

My ever present sense is that this life is a welling up of love; a sweet sifting of wanting and allowing and remembering more clearly as each moment unfolds.

Just below the weather we carry with us, the rippling surface of our everyday thoughts, there flows a vast ocean dense with tidal feelings, with intuition and awe.

By plumbing those starry inner depths, like a brave and curious diver, if I'm lucky I resurface with pearls of illumination and balm.

(With gratitude to Victoria Erickson)