When someone is tuned in, tapped in, turned on and are holding you as their object of attention, in their alignment with Source they just wash that pure positive energy all over you.

That's what Healers do.

Healers don't harness energy and direct it into dark painful places and crowd out the sickness with light.

Healers hold the tone of WELLNESS and dominate it.

There is no requirement on the part of the Healer or person needing healing to believe in anything, an open-ness, or even a sceptical attitude works just as well.

The conscious intention to heal is of less significance than the need to be healed. The 'need' is the trigger.

When a Healer is in the presence of someone who is in need of healing, the process of energy or information transfer automatically takes place through resonance and the person requiring healing begins to activate self healing. This may manifest results in sudden phases rather than in linear time.

The healing being done is not in itself preventing the symptoms of illness from manifesting, it is not attacking the illness, but rather strengthening the immune system until those symptoms of illness undergo a metamorphosis in a return to health.

This entrainment or resonance can be done at a great distance with no diminishment of outcome.