Non of us are immune to the universal experience of death. Our awareness of this should encourage our making the most of our lives in the here and now.

We are only really here to play and learn about love, we are supposed to be having a good time!

Too often we are held back from doing this by our life experiences and the warped cultures we are born into which bind us to self limiting patterns of behaviour.

It's easy to say you're not living to your full potential. You are told that you need to do more, to strive to have more, to be truly happy. But how do you do that?

You've tried keeping up in the human race, pleasing others and buying into the perpetual anxiety of mass consumerism and you've run out of energy. You've tried the exercising, the diets, the detox, the retreats but any happiness is fleeting, it doesn't last does it?

Profound happiness is in the being not the doing or having. Fall in love with your life again by loving yourself first.

Love yourself for having made it this far. Fill your scars with the pure gold of self love. You will become more beautiful, stronger and infinitely more precious. Then let go and see what you can offer the world.

No one else can be you and that is your power.