STAR - soften, trust, allow, receive.

In the absence of the force known as 'resistance' we connect with the sublime nature of the Cosmos and its Source energy. Then we begin to live magically. But first;

*Know that you have existed forever and will never die

*So relax and make your decisions from a place of love not fear

*You are in physical existence for a short while to play

*Everything else is taken care of

*You are pure love energy made manifest

*You are perfect and unbreakable by this world

*You do not need to be healed by anyone else

*You will grow by dreaming yourself into deeper existence

*You contain the energy that creates worlds

*Practise the art of gratitude

*Show up and pay attention

*Creativity will release your love and joy

*Whatever you focus on creates more of itself

*Meditation is like dressing your soul in diamonds

*Change is a constant

*The experience of our lives is made by our beliefs, no exceptions

*Stillness is your North Star, listen

*There is love pouring down on you constantly

*Each day, give back to the Earth, to oneanother

*The Universe is created by the dreams of us all

*Every living thing is connected

*Whatever happened here, happened for your advantage

*Always remember there is no end to love