Love and the losing of physical existence.

Do not fear to grieve, do not resist it, do not try to get over it, do not suppress it, do not pretend you are through it, do not expect to be yourself again.

This is the secret of the dark gift of grief.

Grief will change you, and so you should be changed, you will have transitioned through the most profound state possible for a living being. Grief is not the price you pay for love, the opposite of love, the result of love, or the other side of love. Grief is the mirror image of how much you have loved, a cosmic riptide carrying you far away, against the flowing tide of receiving love that you are used to.

A part of you is swirling with the flow to where they have gone with their love, that is where you are being pulled. You can't fight it or swim against it successfully, you will go under yourself or be marooned. Let it take you, float in its darkness, surrender to its demands and you will find you will rise for a time to where they have gone. Wonders await. This is a luminous state of grace.

Compassion for others is the unavoidable consequence of this experience. This high white state of grief heals you as you transition from separation to re-integration into your changed position in the world.

You now have the capacity to help others rise if you wish.