We need to raise our voltage, our life force energy because not only do we then feel better; freer, stronger, clearer, more relaxed and expressive; brimming with ideas. But we also feel very ourselves, healthy and comfortable in our own skin and ready to live life to the full.

But there is an even more crucial reason you want to keep that powerful energy high and that is because it keeps out disease. Illness cannot take hold of your body when your source energy is high. Illness can only take hold when you are depleted, repeatedly depleted.

You can unknowingly deplete your levels by worry, stress and lack of self care, which are all fear based emotions and activities. Other people can also deplete you by unwittingly draining your energy when they are near you. If they are low on energy themselves it will flow from where there is plenty (you) to where there is lack (them). We all know when we are with people who make us feel drained and we also know how amazing it is to be around magical people who invigorate us.

It's the same with events and places. Notice how you feel wherever you are.

Taking time out to look after yourself is not selfish it's vital to your health. By being aware of your needs being met and checking in with yourself as to how you are feeling as you go through your day, you can ensure you are a radiator of life force and that's infinitely infectious.

We raise our life force by doing the things that bring us joy; seeing beauty, laughing, dancing, singing, making music, listening to favourite music, making art, making love. All passionate activities tap us into our glorious source energy.

To stay tuned in we need to live mindfully. Be constant in expressing our authentic selves; listening to and honouring our conscience. This means integrating and expressing any trapped emotions, speaking our truth, following our true path.

And it's cumulative, the more we allow ourselves to choose thoughts, emotions and activities which bring us a sense of delicious 'Aah' and not choose things which make us feel a knotted 'Ugh' the more life force, the more light we bring into our being.

And, if all that is too difficult, know that we also raise our voltage by being exposed to pure sound which is what is so beautiful about Biofield Tuning.