You are each creating your own reality, whether you know it or not. No exceptions.

Instead of living each day from a place of powerlessness and lack, know that you can change that easily. You each contain the energy that creates worlds. You are the magic that has the capacity to change everything.

Make everything what you really want it to be by simply;

Getting into alignment. Do this by having your biofield tuned back to its factory settings of harmony.

Then raise your voltage, your life force, so that you are stronger than that which has been overwhelming you. This happens by doing anything that brings you joy; loving, laughing, dancing, singing, being close to nature - forests, oceans, listening to music.....

You are now in harmony and flow. From this place of high energy you can create paradise on earth for yourself.

Ask for what you want, let go of the outcome, wait with softness, be open to receive it, watch it unfold for you, live it with gratitude.

Nothing can ever come into your experience that does not match your vibration.

Once you are happy, you will affect others with your wellbeing, this is resonance and they too will begin to match your vibration, this is entrainment.

It's unstoppable and so spreads the good stuff throughout the world.

Be a force for good.