This is the world's most advanced piece of crystal technology and I have been lucky enough to have been gifted one this Christmas. I'm so excited to have this opportunity to wear it and watch for signs of its affect on me and my capacity to tune others.

The physics behind it is so cool and comes from Nassim Haramein the revolutionary 'spiritual' physicist behind the Resonance Foundation who has developed and is exploring the cutting edge of of unified field theory.

My limited layman's understanding of what his magnificent Ark Crystal does is as follows.

The zero point field, unified field, void, aether, vacuum; has many names and is recognised by science to be the underlying structure that creates and connects all matter. It is infinite and the source of all energy in the universe. It's composition has now been found to be tetrahedrally packed.

This coincides with what we know about the composition of water, which is also tetrahedral, along with quartz crystal as it too has a tetrahedral molecular structure. Thus the theory is that water is a stepped down morphic field organiser between the underlying vacuum and all biology and that crystal is the perfect connector of the two.

The pure Ark crystal can be used to help couple biology more strongly to the vacuum field by cohering and organising water. The effects in plants have been proved to be faster growth, more healthy growth, resistance to disease, strong immunity.

Ark crystal is a synthetic quartz, grown and cut to extremely, extremely fine surface tolerances, using heat low enough to not fuse any of the molecular planes together or deform the surfaces. It is a marvel of technology on a scale never achieved before.

The crystal is then placed inside a device known as HFR - harmonic flux resonator. This is a patented device and method for the simulation of magnetohydrodynamics. It replicates the flow of vacuum energy in gravitating bodies and atoms, the flow looks like that of a dual torus. This activates a resonance within the crystal so that it produces its own matching electromagnetic field.

Once charged, the crystal will continue to oscillate at this frequency indefinitely, producing an intense electromagnetic field that affects the biology of everything around it.

When worn it immediately amplifies our own electromagnetic field and charges the water in our bodies (70%+) with the energy of the vacuum. As we come into resonance more strongly with this energy, our biological health increases because the coherence and structure of our bodies is enhanced by it at a molecular level.

I am wearing mine and shall wait and see what happens.....