You do not need energy 'healing' in the way you suppose - You are not broken - You are unbreakable. You are fundamentally already whole and healthy. It's your attachment to your deep rooted belief that you need to be healed, reinforced by culture and society, that is keeping you in this state and delaying your return to balanced wellbeing. You are continually giving your power away to others.

In the absence of this belief, you will no longer be waiting for the 'healing' which has been blocking the allowing of your natural state of wellness.

STAR How to shift your perspective from needing to be healed.

Soften into wonder, let your mind dreamily play with remembering the truth of your magnificence and notice how this makes you feel. Trust the new feelings that start to arise. Don't be afraid of any of them. Allow them to flood through you, rising from the depths of you, cresting and falling away into nothingness. Receive and release these emotions with deep gratitude in the knowledge that they are helping you to return to a sense of health and wellbeing.


We are all connected and I am here to remind you that you are loved, there is nothing to fear and all is well.
You have existed forever, you are a magnificent being made of the energy that creates worlds, it is cascading through you at all times, it never ever ever stops no matter what you do.
In all your pain you have blocked the wonder of who you really are from reaching you, nourishing, you, replenishing you, washing light into your bones, filling you up to overflowing with abundant energy.
The golden energy that creates worlds is flowing freely right here right now in me and we are all connected. Breathe me in.
Surrender to its flow, it will hold you safe, let it take you to wherever you want to go.
As you learn to trust and lean into the flow you begin to feel lighter, more carefree, more adaptable to change, the energy you need to enjoy life is always there for you, soon you are floating easily, happily noticing beauty in the tiniest of things around you.
Bubbles of joy will begin to form around you out of nowhere. You will see that they contain all that you need to manifest your most heartfelt desires into your reality. All you have to do is notice and love them, then let them go floating up and away.
Living magically then begins.


None of this is to deny that emotional trauma is a complex psychic and psychological event and is an unavoidable aspect of living, even for those lucky enough to not be repressed or abused.

The universal experience of death is common to us all, along with the nameless fear that comes from that. But living in the full knowledge of dying and loving knowing it will all end and we will be wrecked, but doing it anyway, is how we learn through grief what it is to be fully human.

When we go through emotional trauma, is like a part of the psyche fractures and gets stuck or clings to the event, whilst we move on. We tend to suppress and reject this part of ourselves because of the pain. Or even worse we focus on the trauma and it becomes our story. In doing that, our attention to it actually brings more of it in the form of resonant disruptive events, physical pain and destructive people into our lives. In doing this we bind ourselves to it. We constrict or block off a part of our essential life force. There is no benefit to us in clinging to the trauma. That energy is a vital part of us and needs to be re-integrated back into the consciousness it came from.

Everyone's path is unique. The time it takes to let go of trauma is down to the individual. I can help but they must be willing to let go. I assist my clients in doing just this, letting go.

I am not a healer and my clients don't get healed. Rather they are unbound and energised. Rebalanced into alignment with Source energy, coherently expressing the fullness of their true selves. They are empowered.

My role is more of a spiritual electrician, a connector, trigger or catalyst of their return to wellbeing.