You have been conditioned since birth by others, by family, culture and society in the ways of your life; you accept that this is how the world works.

You have learned how to look and behave in order to be loved, to get what you need, to protect yourself from pain, to avoid frustration and disappointment. You emit frequencies that tell the world this is the way you live your life. And the world responds to you with more of the same.

What if those other people who came before you were wrong in telling you this is how to live? They were all only learning after all. What if they hurt you, what if they made you into something you're not, what if you are helplessly repeating old patterns of abuse that engender illness and disease and living a life from a place of fear that does not meet your true needs?


My nurturing treatments provide deep relaxation, a release of resistance and allow a raising of your life force energy giving rapid relief from anxiety, stress and pain.

A Biofield Tuning session is a vibrational reset of your body's unique energy signature. It retunes the signals you are broadcasting out into the world to a frequency that is clear, coherent and powerful.

This is important to your wellness because you are a vibrational being living in a vibrational universe. The universe speaks only in energy and frequency; in vibration. Biofield Tuning harmonises any discordant vibrations you may be emitting, thus restoring your capacity to communicate clearly with the outside world which will then be able to respond rapidly and accurately to your needs and desires.

Watch how quickly your life will change for the better after even a single Biofield Tuning session shifts the electrical energy that holds old stuck patterns of negative beliefs and emotional trauma in your body's magnetic field that are creating distortion in your signals, attracting life conditions that you don't want and debilitating you in the present.

There is a great secret to living well; you are able to not only perceive the world, but also to shift your perception of it. You can change things by the way in which you look at them.

To shift your perspective you firstly need to get back into alignment with your life force energy, your vitality. Biofield Tuning restores your vibrational patterns to how they were when you were born; your electrical signals become fresh and clear. Biofield Tuning does this by identifying, retuning and harmonising any dissonance in your electromagnetic system, enabling rapid self healing and a return to balanced wellbeing.

You will look and feel younger, brighter, lighter, back to beautiful you and ready to create the world of your dreams.