As a mystical girl living in this material world I am passionate about connecting others to their own cosmic potential and restoring enchantment.

Here's how to switch on your own star;

  1. Re-wild and forge a deep connection to Nature by following solar and lunar rhythms. Keep a diary of how the seasonal changes make you feel as the cycle ebbs and flows throughout a year.

  2. Discover and welcome the Earth's ancient god/goddess archetypes by celebrating the 8 quarter and cross quarter festivals in a year and keeping a dedicated evolving shrine of gratitude for the gifts of each season. Feel your roots into the earth deepening with each celebration.

  3. Let the goddess/god archetype, to which you are most attuned, rise and thrive in you for a year. Feel the surging cosmic energies rippling through you, connecting you to all things; from bees and butterflies, grass and forests, to dogs and dolphins, mountains and stars. Release resistance to this oneness and live your life fearlessly, passionately giving back wherever you can. Feel your heart begin to crack open as your wild child ancient soul begins to remember itself. Listen to your cosmic wisdom from within finding and healing your wounds, making you stronger and more beautiful.

  4. Turn your opened heart into art through dedication to self love for a year. Cherishing yourself is not selfish, it is vital for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Wonder, be curious, discover and surround yourself with your creative passion by singing your heart song until it begins to attract more of what you love. Allow the life force energy flowing high and strong to express itself uniquely through you. Shine.

  5. Pay attention to only what you want to materialise in your life. Consciously sound your signature note in all that you do and soften into allowing, completely trusting the flow of connected synchronicities unfolding for your higher good. Meditate and breathe in the feedback vibrations of light and sound of your infinite self. Mindfully play to create more unconditional love and beauty in the now.

  6. Allow the higher frequencies of the expanded consciousness of your infinite self, which is always attuned to unconditional love, to saturate every moment. Resonate with its delicious radiance as the spinning star that you are.

  7. You are the entire Universe itself evolving through you. You contain the whole. You are infinitely valuable. You channel the energy that creates worlds. Your living is expanding the whole of creation into more of itself. You are the edge of wonder. Enjoy yourself.