Going with the flow.....

The symbol of infinity describes the eternal natural flow of opposites merging and emerging each contained within the other in perfect balance. From a state of total harmony into less harmony, into more disharmony, into total disharmony, into more harmony, and back into total harmony in a continuos unbroken cycle.

Entropy is a term used in physics to describe the amount of energy within a system that is unavailable to be used, because the components within that system are in disorder,i.e. not where they are meant to be.

Classical science, which relies on the understandings and theories of over a 100 years ago, dictates what is being taught in physics, and so we still learn in universities that entropy always increases with time.

However this is not compatible with new evidence from space probes and modern quantum theory. So the classical view is not the reality. In truth, entropy decreases not increases with time.

The universe naturally seeks equilibrium and transmutes all primary anomaly, progressively putting everything back into order and therefore liberating all energy to be used for its original purpose; harmonious evolution into expansion.

This is the principle of syntropy, the tendency for things to reach an increased state of order, be where they are meant to be, actualise their purpose and for all necessary energy to be available.

Syntropy is an ever increasing force that can gain momentum very strongly, meaning that small steps taken in its direction can snowball, and one element of syntropic force can spread syntropy into many other elements around it, in other words ‘spread like wildfire’.

As conscious beings making choices out of love we are acting as coherent syntropic forces. Via all the little decisions we make every day, we add to the overall harmony of the evolving universe and this is deeply fulfilling to us.

However we are also capable of behaving entropically. Entropy can be increased by keeping things confined inside a shell, a closed system of isolation. This is why the manipulation of others thrives by isolating essential elements; binding people with labels, confining with borders, constricting social norms, restricting access to the flow, so anxiety about survival increases, so decisions become fragmentary creating disorder, creating fear and causing decisions to be made out of that fear and so entropy snowballs into discord and eventually destruction. Western culture is in a state of increasing entropy, which does not feel good to us.

Syntropy happens by basing our choices on our dreams and inspirations, following our hearts, living spontaneously in the moment, doing what makes us happy.

Almost all of us have things in our life that we know that if we did them now, they would make our life better, but we tend to postpone doing them.

Whether it is spending more time immersed in meditation and energy work, spending less time on distractions, eating better, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, exercising more, spending more time in Nature, quitting toxic relationships that are based on fear of survival and not on following your heart, spending more time with people you love, taking steps towards manifesting a dream, donating time and energy to help our community and to cherish our planet.....

Do it now. Do it today.

As syntropy gains momentum, we keep seeing how the smallest step taken in positive direction can result in the biggest changes. Maybe eating and drinking better today will result in you having more life force and feeling clearer, sleeping better, which in turn will allow you to have a breakthrough in dreamtime and remember it when you wake up, which will lead to life-changing solutions.

Start simply where you are, with what you can see in front of you, and do it now, reach out, face your fears, try something new....the Universe is here to help!