This is the real thing and underpins everything I do.

Law of Attraction is vast and wondrous and hard to 'get' and often misunderstood or misinterpreted. But if you are curious enough and consider its teachings, it changes how you think forever, to your benefit, as you lose resistance and become an allowing vessel to the flow of the energy of the Universe.

For those that know me I am proof of the spectacular changes it brings.

Opening yourself up to and living in alignment with Source energy is an experience of sheer delight as you watch your life explode into a festival of lights where you begin to receive only that which you really want.

It all starts to happen so fast you can hardly keep up with it. The trickle of seemingly hard earned energy that flows through your life, that you are used to, suddenly becomes a torrent of fulfilled wishes, synchronicities and manifesting dreams around you. This massive change in the way you live can overwhelm at first and cause you to resist which immediately stops it as you are in control. But trust me stick with it and relax and allow.

Basically all that is happening here is a bandwidth problem. You have plugged yourself into something akin to an intergalactic internet. Life force energy information that was reaching you through a narrow channel like a straw, is now flowing at you like a river.

Just relax into the discomfort of change, stand tall in the uncertainty and remember this energy is from a place of love and it can only come through as much as you want it to. Meditation can really help here. As you relax you expand your capacity to receive and it becomes easier, more comfortable.

The coming to awareness of your place in the Universe is different for everyone. Our families, religions, cultures, traditions and education serve to strongly enforce the life experience of others upon us from birth, which intentionally and unintentionally, limits our innate understanding of the world. This means you will in all likelihood end up dreaming someone else's dream, adding to its intensity in the world, e.g. Religion.

The most extreme examples of the imposition of others' thinking on mass consciousness can be found in modern society in the form of the rise of global business brands and social and news media, which have developed the potential to divert and wither our natural capacities to access to our life force through manipulation of our time, thoughts and emotions. This benefits them not us.

We all start out as embodiments of awe and lucky ones experience the joyful wonder of pure Source energy as little children and never lose it. They begin living fully to the limits of themselves from early on. For others it comes later in life, but for some unfortunately never at all, until it's all over. Whenever it is occurring in others we notice it and are drawn to them and uplifted in resonance with their irrepressible flow, these are people we often refer to as 'forces of nature'.

Many life experiences can open you up to it, whether deliberately or not. Falling in love will do it every time! All creative pursuits such as making music, singing, writing, making art, allow it to flow. Intense physical exercise such as dance or sport will bring it on. Interestingly so will personal catastrophe and profound grief. Time spent in Nature, meditational practices, healing arts and prayers of gratitude are tried and tested ways to access this flow state of universal grace.

Staying in it, ie in alignment with its flow, is sometimes hard because just living life throws the contrasts of what we want and don't want at us, thick and fast, causing us to keep making decisions.

But this is the whole point, identifying the contrast and choosing only that which serves us best, that which expands our experience expands our personal evolution on both physical and non physical levels. And in so doing, adds to the expansion of the whole Universe which is why we are here taking part in physical reality on the leading edge of creation in the first place.

Knowing or not knowing you are doing it, it is still doing it anyway. But the knowing of the interconnectedness of everything and the eternal loving support of Source that is available to you always, that never stops flowing to you takes away the sense of risk which means you can enjoy it more and embrace it more.

It is worth understanding that although universal life force energy in its highest state is an expression of unconditional love, it arises as a neutral force of potential to exist, neither positive or negative in our meanings of the words and doesn't 'care' in our definition of caring. It is held by and will flow to where it is directed by the consciousness of all elemental living things, animal, vegetable and mineral e.g. landscape is as sentient as we are in these terms and it also harnesses and directs this energy so we are inextricably entwined with all the planets and stars too. Entangled with every particle of an atom and the space inside and between those atoms, in fact beyond our illusions of time and space.

It seems true that no energy is ever lost and seeks equilibrium in order to maintain emergence into matter. Desires coming from a place of fear will have as much validity of expression as those coming from an emotion of love. If you focus your attention on or choose what is not best for you, you will still get it anyway but tragically this focus is an allowing of forms of illness, greed, hatred, violence and war to manifest which spread as the abuse of power in hurt, poverty and inequality around the world.

Once you understand that your desires and the consequences of your actions affect the levels of love and fear in existence in the world, you realise how invaluable you are, the contributions you make by simply being you.

Being the best you you can be is what it's all about. We are taught to believe life is serious and we are limited in what we can do. It's not and we aren't. There is nothing serious going on here. Your playfulness and curiosity is all.

The exhilarating emotions of reaching out to fulfil our dreams allows the Universe to provide the detail of the conditions that fulfill them, which in turn will delight you, causing further expansion.

If this is an aspect of a shift in our world consciousness that is part of the evolution of the Universe then I embrace its glorious abundance in whirling gratitude and I recommend you do too, it's your birthright.

✨✨✨ Here is the law of attraction explained anew in a short video by the one and only Esther Hicks 💛💛💛💛

Law of Attraction