Alignment. It means timing. It means love. It means flow. It means peace. It means gentle. It means yes.

How do you do it?

It's a method that has evolved almost without me noticing, it's a state of mind a shifting of consciousness that I intentionally slip in and out of as needed. It is a way of rebalancing and recharging and it refocuses my emotions into neutral then upwards into continuously happy.

As an exercise I do it before every Tuning to access the universal flow. If you would like to try it here's how;

I reach for my happiest feeling thought and let it wash through me
I evoke a delightful memory and wallow in it
I let the accompanying emotions play out in waves of love and grief
I fully allow the emotional swing of both polarities
I experience the contrast of the two as compassion
It's a kind of rubbing of that sweet spot that releases/unlocks something
I begin to soften my presence and my gaze in the moment
I feel myself mellowing
I notice my breathing is deepening
I notice my senses sharpening
I begin to see white sparks in the air and/or subtle white rain falling
I hear a high fine singing in my ears a multilayered huge ceaseless roar
I feel tingling in my fingertips
I realise I can perceive subtlety moving

I can rest here and enjoy the spacious present or continue on.....

As I breathe in I visualise sparkling starlight flooding up through my feet
Each breath brings more of it higher and higher filling up my body
Each breath out sends stale energy/pain as smoke through my tailbone
I continue to breath up starlight as far as my shoulders until it's moving down my arms and washed out through my hands
I let it fill up my head
I send it down my back letting it unfurl as wings at my shoulderblades
I continue breathing starlight down to my tailbone pushing out smoke
I stop when I'm breathing out only starlight
I rest in radiant love and gratitude
I reach for the high sky and release a blue pure fresh charged waterfall
I allow the cool supercharged water to pour down into my crown
It races through me touches every cell of my body with infinite energy
The starlight in my body grows brighter as the water washes through me
The water flows out of my feet grounding me down into my earthstar
It has activated a spinning halo/mist beyond my body blurring my edges
I am aware of being eternally connected to all that is and feel joy
I have raised my voltage/vibration

This is the point where I begin to wonder curiously lovingly playfully two questions only;

What is going on here?
What wants to happen?

I allow the receiving of information by gently melting into the direction of least resistance. Communication flows as sensory changes back and forth at that edge

I thank the universe for its loving co-operation

Om Love Namaste